X Nutrients Bloom FX 0.3-0.8-2

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X Nutrients Bloom FX 0.3-0.8-2

Bloom FX is a bloom booster. It is designed to give you larger, fuller, and denser flowers. Bloom FX will also increase the potency of your flowers by increasing their essential oils. It stimulates explosive growth and heavier blooms. Bloom FX can be used in both soil and hydroponic systems.

If you are looking for larger, thicker, denser blooms, Bloom FX is the product you want to use. Bloom FX is an effective and affordable bloom booster. It is designed to stimulate plants to produce larger, thicker, denser fruits and flowers. In addition to increasing your garden's yield, by adding Bloom FX to your plants, you are also increasing their essential oil production and potency. Bloom FX can be used in all mediums, including soil, hydro, coco, and soilless mixtures.

Larger: Plants that eat more grow more. Nutrients with higher quality ingredients are more easily digested by plants and therefore grow faster, healthier, and larger. Starting with top-shelf pharmaceutical and technical grade ingredients make Bloom FX the booster of choice for achieving larger fruit and flowers. Bloom FX contains ingredients that signal the plant to divert all of its energy towards blooming.

Bigger: Larger not good enough? Then you need BIGGER! Your plants are like little athletes and should be fed and conditioned as such. You can follow our recommended dosing and get great results with Bloom FX. However, for our pioneers pushing the limits, we recommend increasing the dosage each feeding, while maintaining a close watch on your garden to ensure healthy uptake. It is always recommended to drain and replace nutrient solutions every week. This will ensure clean crops and optimal nutrient uptake. Use a PPM or EC meter to track your dosage and plant performance.

Denser: Whether running the advanced program, Bloom FX is applied to start at 15ml per gallon and is increased each week of the flower by 5 mls per week up to 30 mls at the finish. In order to create thicker blooms, this booster must be applied consistently over the course of four weeks. A strong and abundant root zone is vital for the success of converting these fundamental elements into fruit and flowers for your plant. Bloom FX works best when applied in combination with Bloom and Micro Nutrients, Amino Blast, and Bloom Spray. This will help your plants achieve peak density.

General Usage

Hydroponics: Use 15 mL per gallon in your reservoir.
Soil/Coco/Other: Use 15 mL per gallon every time you water. Discard any unused mixed nutrients.

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Total Nitrogen (N) 0.3%
0.3% Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.8%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 2%

Derived From: Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate.


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