X Nutrients Amino Blast 0.5-0.0-0.1

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X Nutrients Amino Blast 0.5-0.0-0.1

Amino Blast adds a blast of essential amino acids to your plants. Amino Blast contains all the necessary amino acids. It is scientifically proven that amino acids increase yield and overall quality of crops. These essential amino acids increase the rate of photosynthesis, improve the color, size, and appearance of flowers.

Amino Blast is a power-packed protein boost for your garden. Plants and organisms alike need a variety of elements for optimal growth, including protein which makes up all the cellular structures. There are other elements your plants need to grow to their fullest potential, such as a proper environment (food, light, oxygen, and water), but the most basic and important component for the living cells is protein.

Our Amino Blast contains all 17 of the L amino acids that have been proven to be of benefit to a plant's growth, flowering, and fruiting. Amino Blast adds an immediate boost of protein to your plants, allowing the plant to focus its energy on synthesis rather than production. Research has proven that amino acids are important for the overall quality of a garden, including the plant's yield, aroma, and potency. By adding Amino Blast, your plant is able to synthesize more enzymes that help in the uptake of nutrients as well as photosynthesis. The L-vitamins in Amino Blast improves the color, appearance, and size of the flowers in your garden. Amino Blast may also be used with any other products you currently use without the risk of over-fertilizing your garden. Amino Blast is available in Quarts, Gallons, 2. 5 Gallons, 5 Gallons, as well as 15 gallons and 55-gallon drums.

Amino Blast Science: Through primary elements, such as NPK, plants produce their own amino acids. Protein synthesis in plants occurs with the help of amino acids and for this reason, Amino Blast helps plants reach their fullest potential. Each amino acid is used by the plant to form specific proteins, thus the need for all 17 amino proteins in our Amino Blast formula. Some amino acids however are a lot harder for the plant to make on their own, and by adding Amino Blast your plants are able to grow bigger and healthier, faster. All of the amino acids in Amino Blast are of the 'L' variety, rather than the D variety, which is not helpful to plants.

General Usage

Hydroponics: Use 15 mL per gallon in your reservoir.
Soil/Coco/Other: Use 15 mL per gallon every time you water. Discard any unused mixed nutrients.

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Total Nitrogen (N) 0.5%
0.3% Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.1%

Derived From: Plant protein hydrosolate


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