Snoop's Premium Nutrients Start A 4-0-0

Snoop's Premium Nutrients

Snoop's Premium Nutrients Start A 4-0-0


Research has shown that it's bad practice to use grow nutrients at a reduced dilution rate when fertilizing clones and young plants. While the ppm will be in the desired range, grow nutrients will not meet the plants' need for more anions than cations. SNOOP'S PREMIUM START A&B has been specifically formulated to provide your plants with the ideal proportion of nutrients for the start phase increasing your young plants and clones' ability to develop rapid shoot development. Providing your plants with proper nutrition assists them in reaching their full potential. Now you can give your crops a PREMIUM Start.


At the start of the plant's life, it needs and will up-take more Nitrogen (NO 3). NO 3 is a negative ion (anion). To take in an anion a plant has to release an electron. This electron when released into the water is adding a negative load creating a hydroxide particle. This particle will bring the pH up in the root zone/substrate. To keep the pH in the substrate at an optimum level for the start phase another type of nitrogen is used, which is referred to as ammonium (NH+ 4). This is a positive ion and the first of all ions to be taken by the plant. For further information, please read the growing science. If a plant takes in NH+ 4 a plant has to release a proton (+). This proton when released into water will add a positive load creating a hydrogen (H+) particle. This H+ particle will bring the pH down in the root zone/substrate. A plant needs more NO 3 in its early stages and therefore releases more particles than at later stages, so it needs the correct level of NH+ 4 to release the correct level of H+ particles to control the internal pH regulation of the substrate as well as the pH you choose to feed with from your feed tank. This ensures the pH is kept in a range that allows the elements to be taken in by the plant.

Fill the feed tank with water. Shake bottle well before use. Add 10ml of Start A per gallon of water (2.5ml per liter) and mix well. Then add 10ml of Start B per gallon of water (2.5ml per liter) and mix well. This will give an approximate EC of 1.4 (980ppm). Adjust the pH as required.

  • Always use an equal amount of Start A and Start B.
  • Water temperature affects EC/ppm.
  • To avoid false readings set the water temperature to 68°F.
  • Store out of direct light. For guidance only.

Precise EC/ppm levels are plant/environment-specific.


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