Sierra Natural Science Pro 604A Growth Stimulator Concentrate

Sierra Natural Science Pro

Sierra Natural Science Pro 604A Growth Stimulator Concentrate

SNS 604A Vegetation Organic Growth Supplement blended from pure plant extracts. It is 100% organic, completely water soluble, and safe for everyday use. A great addition to your regular fertilizer program.

Directions For Use

  • HYDROPONICS 1 ounce (28mL) per gallon (3.79L)
    • Add nutrient solution with each reservoir change. Use through the vegetation growth cycle.
  • SOIL and COCO 1 ounce (28mL) per gallon (3.79L)
    • Mix well and apply to root area daily during vegetation cycle.
  • FOLIAR 1/4 ounce (28mL) per gallon (3.79L)
    • Mix well and spray leaves every 3 to 5 days during vegetation cycle.
    • Do Not Spray in direct Sunlight or Grow Lamps

Guaranteed Analisys

  • Total Nitrogen(N): 0.04%
    • 0.04% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • Available Phosphoric Acid (P205): 0.02%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O): 0.2%

Derived from Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum) and the following Plant Extracts; Raphanus Sativus Extract, Rosmatinus Officinalis Extract and Daucus Carota Extract.

0.11% Humic Acid derived from (Leonardite)
Storage:Store in a cool, dry place;out of direct sunlight;between 40° - 85° F.
DO NOT Freeze!


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