Sierra Natural Science Pro SNS 203 Pesticide Concentrate

Sierra Natural Science Pro

Sierra Natural Science 203 Pesticide Concentrate

SNS 203 Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench and Foliage Spray are made up of pure Rosemary and Clove extracts. The botanicals are all food grade GRAS materials. SNS 203 kills and repels Fungus Gnats Root Aphids Thrips Shore Flies and White Flies.

SNS 203 Kills and Repels Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids, Thrips, Shore Flies, and White Flies.

How It Works

High moisture levels in soils and around pots encourage the development of fungus gnats, shore flies, and other pests. Fungus gnats will feed on fungi and decaying organic material in the soil. If a fungal food source is not readily available, fungus gnats may feed directly on plants. During the propagation of cuttings, fungus gnats may feed upon the callus. This may slow down or completely inhibit rooting. They can also damage the roots as they feed upon seedlings and potted plants. On many thick and succulent stemmed plants, larvae may tunnel into stems and cause plants to wilt and die. Larval feeding upon young roots encourages the development of root and stem rots such as Pythium. When this occurs, plants will be stunted with reduced growth and leaf drop.

Directions for use

Test drench or spray for Phytotoxicity on a small area of the soil or plant before use. Do not apply in direct sunlight or under grow lamps, let plants cool off before applying SNS 203.
Soil Drench: Shake well before mixing. Mix 2-4oz of SNS 203 per one (1) gallon of water to make a ready-to-use (RTU) drench solution. Thoroughly drench affected and surrounding area with RTU. Reapply drench if necessary.
Foliage Spray: Shake well before mixing. Mix 2-6oz of SNS 203 per one (1) gallon of water to make a ready-to-use (RTU) spray solution. Spray foliage to point of runoff.
Repeat application 5 to 7-day intervals or as needed. Thorough uniform coverage of plant-soil or plant surface i.e. essential for good pest control. Thoroughly wash all food areas and food materials contacted with soap and water. As with any natural oil-based product Do Not Spray directly under Sunlight or Grow lights this could damage the plant.

Active Ingredients

  • Clove Oil 1.5%
  • Rosemary Oil 0.53%
  • Other Ingredients 97.97%
  • Water
  • Polyglyceryl Oleate
  • Lauric Acid


Ask a Question
  • When can 203 be used in veg and in flower

    Thank you very much for reaching out, we have updated the product description with more information to help you better decide. According to this product it can be used at all stages of growth 7-10 days apart from each application. I personally would recommend not using this product up to two weeks prior to harvest as the manufacturer suggests washing your product with soap and water before ingesting. (vegetables lol)