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Secret Jardin Intense Grow Tent

The Intense line of grow tents by Secret Jardin is designed with professionals in mind. Built with robust components like stainless steel corners, thick 600D fabric, and aluminum tubes, the Intense line of grow tents will meet all your needs big and small. A main feature of the Intense line is the ability to link units together to create larger or partitioned grow spaces.

  • Professional grow tents, dedicated to the cultivation of intensive crops
  • Robust 30 mm structure & thick tear-proof 900D canvas.
  • Possibility to add height extensions from 1 or 2 feet. (sold separately)
  • Each tent has a central corridor and side windows allowing full access to plants.
  • Many accessories allowing the grower to set up his tent easily, are included with the tent.
    • CableIT, HookIT, PocketIT, Space Booster, WebIT
  • The "Space Booster" accessory - adjustable in height - allows the tent not to "shrink" when you connect the extraction: You will thus gain 20% more space of culture and will have no need to add an intake to your set up.
  • The tent also includes nets allowing your plant to "keep their head high."
  • Finally, you have the possibility to assemble your Intense - of the same width - in order to customize your cultivation space (Long cultivation area / Pre-chamber / Growing rooms ...): Intense give an additional yield of 20% Minimum compared to a culture room.

Intense Tent Specifications

Professional Grow Tents/Rooms
4' x 10'
5' x 12'
8' x 10'
10' x 12'
16' x 10'
20' x 12'
Tent Width
Width: 9.84' 11.81' 9.84' 11.81' 9.84' 11.81'
  Tent Depth
Depth: 3.94' 4.92' 7.87' 9.84' 15.75' 19.69'
  Tent Height
Height: 7.05' 7.94' 7.05' 7.94' 7.08' 7.94'
  Tent Height With Extension
Height w/ Extension: 8.05' 9.94' 8.05' 9.94' 8.08' 9.94'
  Tent Vent & Electrical Ports
Vent Ports: 8x 14.96"
4x 11.02"
12x 2.95"
8x 14.96"
4x 11.02"
12x 2.95"
8x 14.96"
4x 11.02"
12x 2.95"
8x 14.96"
4x 11.02"
12x 2.95"
8x 14.96"
4x 11.02"
12x 2.95"
8x 14.96"
4x 11.02"
12x 2.95"
  Tent Weight
Weight: 101.41 lbs 114.64 lbs 143.3 lbs 185.19 lbs 224.8 lbs 310.85 lbs
Included With Tent
  Tent Lighting Support Poles
Light Support: 3x 75 lbs 3x 75 lbs 3x 75 lbs 3x 75 lbs 6x 75 lbs 6x 75 lbs
  Pairs of StrapIT (straps for filter)
StrapIT: 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x
  Pairs of HookIT (hooks for lighting)
HookIT: 4x 4x 8x 4x 16x 16x
  CableIT Clips (clips for cables and nets)
CableIT: 30x 30x 45x 30x 60x 60x
  WebIT (trellis netting)
WebIT Netting: 2x 4' x 4' 2x 5' x 5' 2x 8' x 4' 2x 10' x 5'
4x 8' x 4' 4x 10' x 5'
  SupportIT (support poles)
SupportIT: 1x
1x 1x
  Lighting Advised
Lighting Advised: 2x HPS 600W
2x LED 400W
2x HPS 1000W
2x LED 600W
4x HPS 600W
4x LED 400W
4x HPS 1000W
4x LED 600W
8x HPS 600W
8x LED 400W
8x HPS 1000W
8x LED 600W
  Extraction Advised
Extraction Advised: HPS: 431cfm
LED: 216cfm
HPS: 677cfm
LED: 338cfm
HPS: 867cfm
LED: 433cfm
HPS: 1,353cfm
LED: 677cfm
HPS: 1,734cfm
LED: 867cfm
HPS: 2,706cfm
LED: 1,353cfm

Tent Build Material

  • Main Fabric: Mylar 900D
  • Poll Material: 1.21" (30 mm) x 0.02" (.6 mm) Q195 Galvanized Steel
  • Plastic Corners: 0.3" (8 mm) Thick PP Transparent
  • Water Tray: 1.7 lb (0.8 kg) Double Lined
  • Space Booster : Inclus (Wired)
  • Bag: Fabric 600D

Download Installation Instructions Download Installation Instructions

Included With Tent

  • Lighting Holders And Filter (Supports 75lbs each)
  • SupportIt - Strap for filter
  • Paire StrapIT - Hooks for lighting
  • Paire HookIT - Clips for cables and nets
  • CableIT - Tools pouch with adjustable height
  • PocketIt - Hanging storage pocket




    Ask a Question
    • Can this tent be separated into different environments such as a veg room and a flower room?

      Yes... and no, while yes you can by using something like our Panda Film, it isn't recommended as the reflective material will cause the light to bleed over into the flower room and could throw off your light cycle. It is best to use separate tents for something of this size. Two 10' x 10' Grow Tents might do you nicely.