Snoop's Premium Nutrients BANISH

Snoop's Premium Nutrients

BANISH uses natural geranium oil plant extract as a fungicide. Mildew growth cycles begin withspore germination at the plant surface. After docking at the surface, mildew germ tubes begin togrow and feed from plant cell nutrients. The two fold prevention and healing effect works byinhibiting spore germination, germ tube growth, and by destroying the pathogen cell.
Geraniol induces an unbalance of potassium (K+) ions inside the mycelium and inhibits mildewspore germination and mycelium growth. It enters the pathogen cell, causing cell lyses or ''cell death."
Dilute 4.0 mL of BANISH per 1 gallon of water. BANISH should be foliar sprayed directly onto the mildew outbreak and areas affected by powdery or downy mildew. To reduce the chance of burning, raise grow lamps and do not use directly under intense lighting. If outdoors, do not apply during peak sun, apply during the morning or evening. Apply to infected areas 2 ­ 4 times 5 ­ 7 days apart. To prevent mildew outbreaks, apply BANISH every 14 days.


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