Secret Jardin Intense Grow Tent Extensions

Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin Intense Tent Extensions

** Tent Height Extension Only **

The Secret Jardin INTENSE Tent Height Option 2.0 fits the Secret Jardin INTENSE Models. This height extension will increase the height of your tent by 1 to 2 feet (depending on tent size).

  • Create independent rooms for different plants and different stages.
  • Get 30% more light and more protection with the Orca.
  • Decrease your heating and electricity bills by three.
  • Control each atmosphere and each lighting condition accurately and independently.
  • Protect your building from climate change.
  • Keep intact your building: No modification required.
  • Divide risks of contamination and bad yields.
  • Optimize your workload by spreading it all over the year.
  • Setup an entire building in two days instead of two weeks.


Ask a Question
  • Hi is this tent used for Marijona or is it for work properties, These dimensions are a few centimeters 10' x 12' 2

    This tent is designed for indoor gardening, however, this is a very heavy duty tent and could be used for other purposes.