Grower's Choice ROI-e420 Horticultural LED Grow Light

Grower's Choice

Grower's Choice ROI-e420 Horticultural LED Grow Light

Product Highlights

Light Footprint:
Veg: 4' x 4'
Flower: 3.5' x 3.5'
Light Power:
420 Watts
PPF: 1090 μmol/s
Light Spectrum:
Full Spectrum
Built-In Dimmer
Light Voltage:
120 / 208 / 240 / 277 Volt Options
3 Year Warranty

Introducing the ROI-e420 full-spectrum, compact horticulture LED fixture. Utilizing Grower's Choice proven 3K full PAR spectrum, this LED is perfect for professional cultivators and grow enthusiasts alike, who require a powerful LED fixture with a lower profile frame. This new, sleek LED is also perfect for the hobby growers or entry-level professional cultivators who want to maximize their yields while working with limited space.

High Performance:
1090 μmol/s Total Output
2.6 μmol/J System Efficacy

Energy Saving and Easy HVAC:
Up to 40% energy saving
40% less HVAC requirement

Total Control:
The ROI-e420 is controllable with Grower's Choice Master Controllers and is compatible with all quality master controllers. Cultivators can set the fixture to turn off and on at desired times, program sunrise/sunset settings, program dimming options and set protective fail-safes to dim or turn off the fixture in the event of excessive room temperatures, such as in the event of an HVAC failure, potential saving gardens from heat damage.


Ask a Question
  • Does this light veg and bloom plants

    Yes, this light is full spectrum and will work great for veg and bloom. There is even a built in dimmer for seedlings and clones.