Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0 LED 690w Grow Light

Scynce LED

Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0 LED Grow Light

Product Highlights

Light Footprint:
Veg: 5' x 5'
Flower: 4.5' x 4.5'
Light Power:
650 Watts
PPF: 1631 μmol/s
Light Spectrum:
4 Ch. Full Spectrum
Light Voltage:
120-277 or 347-482 Volt Options
5 Year Warranty

Tunable full-spectrum white (cool & warm) with both deep & far-red. Maximum coverage with patented 120° lenses.

The Kush 2.0 is the first vertical flowering light to deliver full control over the spectrum without any loss of power. With up to 475 watts of any spectrum between 2700k and 6500k (warm to cool), you control what type of white light gets delivered to your plants. The red/far-red channel provides 175 watts of energy that can be evenly split, shifted to either 660nm or 730nm, or completely turned off. The Kush 2.0 produces 650 watts of customizable plant growing photonic power.

Raging Kush 2.0 LED Light Spectrum

Light Delivery

Our tried and true Conic 120 optic allows plants to see equal intensity light from all angles (similar to sunlight), prevents hot/burned spots, and results in a larger growing surface with more density below the canopy. Specifically designed for vertical racking and low ceiling applications, the Conic 120 lets the Kush 2.0 hang from 6″ to 18″ over the canopy while delivering the same light intensity.

Wireless Control

The Theia app was designed with the grower in mind. It’s quick and easy to set up with intuitive buttons that let you quickly find what matters most.

THEIA (Thee-uhh) Wireless Control App Features:

  • Android & iOS based app
  • Group control lights via a wireless mesh network.
  • Intensity / Dim to Zero
  • Ramp on Time (sunset/sunrise)
  • Scheduling
  • Full control of spectrum
  • Custom recipes


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