Peak Supply Co PRO Alchemy Kit

Peak Supply Co

Peak Supply Co PRO Alchemy Kit

Take the guesswork out of making your own vape cartridges. This kit features all the great products in our Alchemy Starter kit but larger quantities and more savings! Choose your cartridge type(s) and strain profiles from our store selection or order the kit as is with an assortment of our top cartridges and strain profiles. What's in the kit 5 No harm syringes for Thick Oil 5 Glass Medical Grade dab syringe 5 Food grade syringe 5 5ml bottle of Terps 1 30ml bottle of viscosity booster 10 Two pack of alcohol wipes 10 Pair Medical Gloves 20 Assorted cartridges( or Pick the type you want) 5 Durable Soft Bodied Disposable Vape, 1 GT High End Disposable Vape 1 Large Foam cartridge holder 5 Stainless Steel mixing ramekin Instructions and video for this kit are now available 24/7 online! CLICK HERE for an indepth guide


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