B.Lite Premium 1940e 720w LED Grow Light


B.Lite Premium 1940e LED Grow Light

Product Highlights

Light Footprint:
Veg: 7' x 7'
Flower: 5' x 5'
Light Power:
720 Watts
PPF: 1940 μmol/s 
Light Spectrum:
Full Spectrum
100% Samsung LEDs
Light Voltage:
120 - 277 Voltage

720W Premium LED Fixture with 100% Samsung LEDs 

B-Lite Series Premium LED Fixtures are the preferred grow lights for gardeners of all skill levels and scale. We use 100% Samsung Diodes. This state of the art fixture uses the highest quality diodes, blanketing your canopy with maximum usable light. With lower operating temperatures, lower amp draw, and multi-watt options, gardeners are empowered to take their grows to the next level. LED light is proven to produce not only the highest quality product but also yield. These fixtures are fold-able for easy transport and Controllable with the B-Lite Master Controller.

B-lite focuses on providing the best horticulture cannabis grow lights solution to all the commercial cannabis cultivators. B-lite Premium 1940e new led light comes to bring more usable energy to your plants and within less power. High intensive and high output provides higher crop yield and bringing more advantages than traditional hid light source. Professional led chips combination brings full-spectrum(sunlight) which can provide excellent output for the whole grow stages, high efficacy, and reliable light fixtures are increasing yields, quality, and productivity at the same time. Ultra-thin and unfolded designed is optimized the mounting for every cannabis grower, Compatible with all the commercial growing environment. Drivers built-in design is saving you lots of mounting time, it’s a genuine plug & play products you can found. Excellent heat dissipation structure is no fans required and no noise produced, always keeping the lights working in the best condition. B-lite Premium 1940e led lights compatible with B-lite BLMC (270500) master controller, intelligentialized, and professionalize program will help each cultivator produce the highest quality crops.

B-light Premium 1940e led light is your high-efficiency, high reliability, and high productivity choice.


Ask a Question
  • What is the furthest you can have it away from your plants and it’s still produce good results

    For optimal results, I would keep this light within 24 inches of the canopy. The furthest I would suggest would be 36 inches, however, placing the light too far away could lead to excessive stretch in the plants leading to weaker stems during the early stages of growth.