Rosin Press NY Personal Rosin Press

Rosin Press NY

Rosin Press NY Personal Rosin Press

One of the most popular personal rosin presses now In Stock.

Tired of pressing rosin without getting your desired results? Then it's time to throw away your hair iron and upgrade to this personal rosin press. Its ability to easily and safely produce solventless Rosin is unmatched. This heavy-duty heat press provides heavy even force to easily make Rosin. Easy to operate...start pressing right out of the box! 

The RosinPressNY Dual Heat Personal Rosin Press Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Do Your Own Solventless Extraction

1200Lbs of force perfect to squish your own quality chemical-free meds at home.

Rosin’s newfound popularity is that it’s a 100% solventless technique. Rosin extraction simply uses a mechanical process involving heat and pressure to extract the resin from the plant. Other extraction methods utilize harmful hydrocarbons such as butane and/or propane. Pressing rosin this way often requires a lengthy purge to safely remove most, if not all of the residual solvents from the final product.

Using a rosin press does not require any additional cleaning, so your final product is clean and ready in just minutes.

There are many different rosin presses currently on the market. The RosinPressNY manual rosin press is the most cost-effective and robust press available. Dollar for dollar our press offers the most pressure and longevity compared to any hair iron or plastic clamshell designed presses

Why not use a hair straightener? To get the best quality and yield solventless you need two very important elements, high pressure, and low heat, neither of which are easy or even possible to attain with any hair straightener setup.

With a hair iron, you simply can't get the yield without the pressure and we recommend never going higher than 280 degrees Fahrenheit with even less heat being more ideal. For a full flavor profile, you should be pressing rosin around 180-200 degrees for fine material, 200-230 for flower. These temp suggestions will vary by strain, material and personal preference these are the general temps we like best.

The RosinPressNY personal rosin press provides you with the pressure and temperature control you need and it makes it easy to squeeze.

  • 2.375" x 4.75" Dual Heating Plates
  • Touch Screen Temperature Control. 0-400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 0-999 Second Programmable Alarm. (Alarm sounds when your programmed squeeze time is finished)
  • 110V Operation


Ask a Question
  • Are instructions available for using this press

    Yes this unit comes with instructions and is very simple to use. Simply turn on and allow the unit to heat up, insert your product, then pull down on the press. When the timer goes you open it and enjoy :)

  • Hi! I was womdering if this press was able to be used right out of the box, without hooking in an air compressor or anything like that. Thanks!

    The unit may require a bit of assembly like screwing on the heat plates, but there is no extra equipment like an air compressor, everything is ready to press.