MINT LED 4' Scepter LED Bar Grow Light


MINT LED 4' Scepter LED Bar Grow Light

Product Highlights

LED Light Style:
4' LED Bar
Includes Hangers
Light Power:
59 Watts
Light Spectrum:
Vegetative & Flower Available
Light Voltage:
120 / 240 Volt
3 Year Warranty

We proudly introduce to you MINT LED's new 4' LED Veg Sceptre. Drawing just 59 Watts and made of lightweight aluminum, this fixture gives you the ability to deliver light where you see fit! Use this light for propagation, vegging, or supplemental lighting for your flowering room.

With a great veg spectrum, the 28 diodes in this light combined with a unique high transmittance lens guarantee outstanding PPFD and a proper light coverage! MINT LED brings quality and precision to your grow room allowing the Sceptre to be the ruler of your plant kingdom!

MINT LED 4 Foot LED Grow Light Features

  • Only 59 watts of power draw.
  • Blooming, and vegging spectrums available
  • Great for supplemental light
  • High transmittance lens
  • Lightweight Aluminum


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