Secret Jardin Light Baffle

Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin Light Baffle

  • Blocks the light, but not the air
  • Perfect for passive intake
  • Includes Micro mesh pre-filters
  • Anti Insects and Bugs


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  • Does it matter which way it’s facing? Or will air pass freely through it either way? Because I noticed one side has a checkerboard pattern and the other is just horizontal strips.

    No, it does not, I take mine out for cleaning all the time and they can go in either way... The grill pattern you are seeing is on both sides but the flaps face different ways so hard to tell. It is made up of 4 layers of alternating slats with a bug net in the middle. You can take fully apart for cleaning, however, it is also easy to just run under the faucet and pull the layers apart by hand. Mine are in the garage and gather dust and lint from the dryer. Helps keep the plants cleaner too :)

  • So zero light gets through these?

    In my opinion... YES. These block all light and even have a bug net in the middle to prevent larger bugs from entering through the slots. I have even washed them and used multiple times as they tend to collect dust travelling through.

  • Hi, what is the diameter of this light baffle? Thanks

    This light baffle is 6" and works perfectly with the Tent Baffle Flange and Flange Connectors.