Grow1 Collapsible Water Reservoir


Grow1 Collapsible Water Reservoir

Grow1 Collapsible Water Tanks are here to revolutionize your water storage needs! Made of a flexible, heavy-duty, PVC material, these water tanks are capable of collapsing to provide an easy means of cleaning and transportation after use.

Grow1 collapsible water tanks are a great alternative to troublesome solid, space-consuming reservoirs that are difficult to transport and relocate.

Includes a pre-installed removable top straining screen, 3/4" tap, and valve fitting, 3/4" fill fitting, and a 3/4" male connector.

Collapsible Water Reservoir Sizes

 Water Tank Size Tank Width Tank Height
13 Gallons 15" 22"
26 Gallons 16" 30"
60 Gallons 24" 31"
105 Gallons 29" 44"
132 Gallons 36" 40"
200 Gallons 37" 48"
265 Gallons 48" 36"


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  • What are the dimensions on the 105 gallon reservoir

    The 105 Gallon Reservoir is 29" wide and 44" tall.