EZ CO2 Delay Activated Co2 Producing Mushroom Bag


EZ CO2 Delay Activated Co2 Producing Mushroom Bag

EZ CO2 is a natural safe and inexpensive way of providing your plants with carbon dioxide (CO2). EZ CO2 houses a non-fruiting mycelial mass (fungus) and enough organic matter to sustain it for approximately 6 months. The fungus creates a symbiotic relationship with the plant: Breathing in oxygen released by the plant and releasing carbon dioxide (released 24 hours a day through the breather patch on the bag) creating a natural self-sustained inexpensive CO2 generator.

EZ CO2 is odor-free produces no heat and is already giving off CO2 as soon as you purchase it, there's nothing to turn on or set up.


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  • By delay activated, what do you mean?

    This product slowly activates over a 6 month time span releasing C02 the entire time.