ExtractCraft The Source Turbo Extractor


ExtractCraft The Source Turbo Extractor

The Source is an easy to use home appliance for extracting plant essences.

Plant essences are key to the smell, taste, and other properties of plants and are used in flavorings, perfumes, herbal extracts and medicinals.

The first step in making plant extracts is to make a tincture. A tincture is a solution made from the combination of plant matter and food-grade alcohol.

The second step is to use the Source to extract the plant essences from the tincture. Lavender, mint, hops, rosemary, cinnamon, radishes, calendula flowers and many other plants have been used successfully. The oils of some plants, such as mint and lavender, dissolve in alcohol very quickly (5 to 20 minutes). Others, such as vanilla or rose petals, may take hours or longer for the best result. Some extracts benefit from using alcohol that has been thoroughly chilled in the freezer during the tincture process, others are best prepared at room temperature.

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  • Hello! I live in a medicinal/recreational cannabis state and I’m interested in your turbo press extractor. Is it safe to say I could use this product with cannabis trim and bud to make oil?

    That is exactly what this product is for, simply follow the instructions and you are in business :)