Bubble Magic Micron Extraction Mesh Screens

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Bubble Magic Micron Extraction Mesh Screens

Looking for a high quality product at a low cost? Look no further than Bubble Magic Mesh screens. With many sizes and microns available, you can use these screens to get the most out of your extraction experience! Made of high quality stainless steel these screens are durable and effective for filtering product! Fold these up and make a quick rosin bag, or wrap up the ends of your blasting tubes! Available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 micron with a broad selection of sizes from which to choose; We carry 5'' x 5'', 8'' x 8'' and 12'' x 12'' ensuring we have the sizes you need! Bubble Magic puts the EXTRA into Extract!

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  • which is a tighter mesh 75 or 50 micron

    The smaller the number the smaller the hole, so the 50 Micron would be a tighter mesh.