SupremeAir Australian Carbon Filter


SupremeAir Australian Certified Carbon Filter

SupremeAir 100% Certified Australian Virgin Activated Carbon Filters are the Freshest Filters to come out this century! Don’t be Canned when your filters don’t 100% remove the odor. At SupremeAir we buy only the premium 20% of any carbon produced. Our onsite Carbon Analysis Laboratory allows us to batch test, de-dust, and handpick our carbon. We use the exact particle size required for the best airflow. Any carbon that is too small, too dusty, or does not meet our stringent air stream tests (minimum 20% butane absorption) is sent back to the manufacturer. The rest is the smallest, lightest, and least restrictive carbon filter canister available. The advantages are easier installation, more airflow, and better air filtration with extended operation life.

Supreme Air Carbon Filters are the result of years of research and testing to dial in the most efficient carbon grade and filter design with users in real-world situations. Supreme Air Carbon Filters are constructed of durable galvanized steel to provide added protection and easy transportation. They feature unique, built-in hanging brackets to help with fitment and installation. The filter's increased internal carbon surface area is capable of absorbing significantly more odors and all while improving the overall life of the filter. Our carbon beds feature an overall set width to maximize the efficiency of the granular carbon. Supreme Air uses 100% certified Australian virgin activated granular carbon to provide you with better odor absorbing capabilities and higher airflow volumes. Supreme Air sources carbon from Australia due to its consistent quality and unique composition. Supreme Air Carbon Filters provide easier installation, more airflow, and better air filtration with extended operation life beyond that of competitor brands.


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