Grow1 Booster In-Line Duct Fan Kit


Grow1 Booster In-Line Duct Fan

Grow1 Booster Fans are great for increasing airflow in hard-to-ventilation rooms. They are durable, quiet, easy to install, and fit into metal or flex ducts. Their strong motors, excellent performance, and higher temperature ratings (maximum 266 F) set these fans apart from the rest. They are rated for both heated and cooled air and are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

Model Diameter CFM Amps Volt Watts
981784 4" Fan 175 0.15 120 17
981786 6" Fan 235 0.18 120 20
981788 8" Fan 365 0.22 120 26
981780 10" Fan 580 0.76 120 53


Ask a Question
  • can you wire it to the furnace so that it comes on when the blower in the furnace comes on and off

    While this may be an option that you could do we wouldn't have the equipment to help you accomplish this. This product is also not designed for hi heat applications like in conjunction with a furnace.

  • Is this fan hardwired or does it require a receptacle?

    This fan is fully wired and comes complete and ready to plug in and run.