Interlux 1000 Watt (MH) Metal Halide Double Ended Grow Bulb


Interlux 1000 Watt (MH) Metal Halide Double Ended Grow Bulb

The only thing better than a double-ended bulb ... is an InterLux double-ended bulb. Beats the competition in every way, InterLux double-ended bulbs are true champions. These bulbs perform at the highest possible level and save you money! Compared to single-ended lamps, InterLux double-ended bulbs are more efficient by using the same wattage to produce higher par and lumen ratings. They have a higher blue spectral ratio enhancing Veg and growth. InterLux double-ended bulbs also provide minimal light deterioration for maximum intensity and lifespan.

5 reasons why InterLux double-ended lamps are superior to traditional HPS bulbs

  1. They are more efficient, using the same 1000 watts to produce higher par and lumen ratings
  2. Longer life-spans,
  3. Less light deterioration
  4. Higher blue spectral ratio enhancing veg & growth
  5. Minimal light deterioration for maximum lifespan & intensity

Compatible with high-frequency electronic ballasts.

One Year Warranty.


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