Grow1 2mil Standard Reflective Mylar Roll


Grow1 2mil Standard Reflective Mylar Roll

What would be "lost" light, now is utilized for maximum efficiency. Attach to any surface for ultimate light uniformity. Get creative: mount to walls, poles, pots. Highly reflective. Use either side. Double the thickness of any other type on the market.

  • 98% reflective
  • Optimum light return for your plants
  • Excellent light blocking capabilities
  • Use either side, both are reflective
  • Reduces "hotspots" by spreading your light evenly
  • Tear Resistant


Ask a Question
  • I'm looking to use the reflective mylar for a craft project. I want to cut it to 27" x 27" and use it to back an old window frame. I want to hang the window frame outside on a garden shed wall so that mylar reflects the garden. Would the mylar work for this purpose and can I use a staple gun to attach the mylar to the wood window frame?

    While, yes this will work, we want to stress that this isn't a perfect mirror finish and you wouldn't be able to "see" the garden, more a blurry reflection of it.