SunMaster 1000 Watt (HPS) High Pressure Sodium Super HO Grow Lamp


SunMaster 1000 Watt (HPS) High-Pressure Sodium Super HO Grow Lamp

With 2,200 µmol in total output and 1,900 µmol in the key 400-700nm range, the 1,000-watt SUNMASTER Super HPS High Output Lamp offers up to 20 percent more µmol and over 47 percent redder to far-red energy compared to other 1,000-watt single-ended HPS lamps. This impressive orange-red spectral output encourages earlier flowering and increases the total number of branches, internodes, and flowers.

Engineered to deliver the highest µ-mol (micro-mol) of any single-ended lamp on the market today, this lamp produces 20% more useable photons when compared side-by-side with top industry brands. The lamp chemistry is geared to support aggressive flowering, having 47% more red energy (620-750nm).

One-year warranty


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