Real Patient Program (RPP)

Trim Buddies LLC proudly presents its Real Patient Program. Trim Buddies provides products and unmatched customer support for everyone from the closet or garden grower, to commercial growers. The Real Patient Program (RPP) is designed to support the individuals who are often forgotten in the move from medical to recreational: real patients with real hardships.

Who can participate in the RPP?
Anyone with a valid state-issued medical patient or primary caregivers’ card.

Does it cost to participate in the RPP?
No. We’re trying to take less from you!

What is the benefit to RPP members?
After verification, you will receive a unique Member ID and a special coupon for 8% off our entire catalog, which can be applied at checkout, forever. From time to time we may hold special events or offers specifically for RPP members.

How does verification work?
Please scan and send a picture of your medical patient or primary caregivers’ card along with State ID to That email address will be the one registered for the program and only that email address will be able to checkout with discount applied.

Does it work with other coupons?
No. We can only accept one coupon per order. The site-wide 5% discount offer is built into the RPP 8% coupon. Coupons never apply to shipping.

Can the RPP benefits apply to previous purchases?
No. We can only accept the RPP discount of 8% on purchases after you have been given access to the program.

Are you really my buddy?
No doubt, fam 👊🏼