Grow1 Drying Racks 8 Tier with Zippers


Grow1 8 Tier Drying Net With Zippers

The newest addition to our Grow1 line of Dry Racks, this model features zippered openings which allow you to completely close off each dry rack level.

Our Drying Racks are so versatile and customizable you won't ever use anything else! Made of breathable mesh material there's no need to worry about rotting or fungus, and the side walls encompass each layer so there's no danger of dropping or loosing any of your yield. Available in multiple sizes, with and without clips, these racks will fit any grow room situation. And when you're done using them, simply collapse them and store them in the included black carrying case.


Ask a Question
  • It looks like there is a stabilizing piece going down through the middle from top to bottom. If so, Is it fabric, and does it complicate loading/unloading? Also, it looks like the zipper opening is rectangular - how easily does zipper work, and how is access through that opening? Seems like it might be easier to get a hand inside than through a slit opening with a straight zipper, but harder to zip/unzip.

    As for the "stabilizing piece" that is actually just stitching going down the back and the inside of each layer is fully open. The zipper opening is easy for loading as long as the material has been removed from their sticks and branches. We do offer open-sided drying nets that are easier to load but have no zipper closing ability.