Bubble Magic 20 Gallon Hash Washing Machine w/ Free 220 Micron Bag

Bubble Magic

Bubble Magic 20 Gallon Washing Machine

More efficient and affordable than anything else on the market, these 5 and 20-gallon extraction machine utilizes the most advanced technology in the extraction industry! Easy to use, durable, and portable, Bubble Magic Machines are super-efficient and feature a built-in drain and a 15-minute timer with 3-minute increments. Eliminate 90% of the work in the extraction process and save yourself time and money as these machines pay for themselves after just one use! Use them with our Bubble Magic Extraction bags to create the perfect finished product.

Included with each machine is (1) 220 Micron Zipper Washing Bag. 

** Item returns not accepted for this product. Replacement parts typically will be sent out from the manufacturer in the case that the product malfunctions.
"In the case that you see watermarks in your brand new machine, it is because this machine was tested by the manufacturer to ensure proper functioning for quality assurance purposes."


Ask a Question
  • Does this unit run on 110?

    Yes, this washer is rated at 110v.

  • Are the 5 gallon yields as good as the 20 gallon?.

    While we can't ever guarantee the same yields as there are many variables that can cause differences however yes, they have the same flower to ice water ratio if using the supplied bag and both use the 220-micron screen so you should get VERY similar results between the two.

  • What is the power requirement in amps or watts for your Bubble Magic 20 gallon extraction machine

    This unit, the 20 Gallon Hash Washing Machine uses a total of 300W during full cycle. Thank you for your question, we will be sure to update our description with this information.