Secret Jardin Oscillating 20W Monkey Fan

Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin 20W Oscillating Monkey Fan

Monkey Fans are the perfect product to keep air circulating throughout your crops. Whether growing in tents or rooms, you can hook these monkey fans on quickly, and regularly adjust their height. With a fit of 0.63-0.83 inches, the monkey fan hook allows you to attach it quickly to virtually every type of grow tent pole as well as PVC (commonly used to stretch trellis across canopies). This compact and versatile fan is great for air circulation as well as withstanding the humid environment which grow rooms offer. Put down the zip ties and get your Monkey Fans today.


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  • i've heard that these are real shit as they are unreliable and die within 30 days, does any user of these have anything better to say about these. they should be awesome if they work?

    So not true, while yes some units may break as this is a highly produced product our Oscillating Fan in our test tent has been going now for 1.5 years straight running 24 hours a day, you can see it on our Instagram account @trimbuddies we also replace all broken fans within their 1 year warranty. Hope that helps and we strongly recommend the Monkey Fan line of air circulators.

  • It claims to be oscillating? Like on it's own not stationary or one direction.

    This fan is oscillating. The fan has 2 speed settings for the speed of the blades, and either an on or off option for the oscillation which happens to the left and right. This fan is not designed to be pointed up or down at any angle when oscillating.

  • I’ve got a small 3x3 tent and the posts are small. They look like the posts you’d find in any small grow tent. It doesn’t state size of the poles. Do you know if this will fit?

    Hello,  Aaron, these fans come with two different pole size adapters and fit most tent poles. However we have a 30 day return policy and if they don't fit you can return them unused for a refund.