Why We Exist

Why We Exist

Andrew de SenaJul 8, '19

In a previous post I told you about how I put off growing any plants for too long, and I recommended that you just start today. As it turns out, Trim Buddies LLC came to be for very similar reasons.

Jesse and I have a wealth of experience in e-commerce. Between the two of us we’ve excelled in everything from data to sourcing to marketing, and a lot of on-the-fly ingenuity when called for. We also shared an interest in growing our own Cannabis, as states were becoming recreational. While most seemed excited to be able to walk into stores, we were excited to pinch pennies and enjoy a new hobby along the way.

Naturally, we began looking at equipment, and ran into complications we didn’t anticipate. One thing is certain: lots of people are talking about their experiences online. The internet is great for the preservation and access of information, but this also creates a cloud of noise, which now requires thorough analysis to find clarity in what will work for any given application.

In an upcoming post (make sure to follow Grown at Home), Jesse boils his research down and delivers a concise list to get started. You really only need a few basics to create a highly functional environment. These products can be expensive though, so it’s advantageous to only buy once (unless you’re ready for an upgrade). Still, setting yourself up at home could net some serious cost savings at the end of the year if you’re a regular user.

Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

With these thoughts in mind, we noticed a lack in the market offerings: where were the comprehensive, dynamic grow kits? On top of filling that void, we wanted to do more than just offer tent packages, so we embarked on defining our vision:

To simplify the growing of food and medicine at home and to provide complete care from seed to harvest.

We seek not only to offer our customers the product options they need, but also to provide friendly care along the journey from planting, to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

This lead us to our mission:

TrimBuddies.com supplies indoor and outdoor growers and gardeners tools for bountiful home harvests. We strive to curate a selection of the highest quality products, and always back our offering with friendly customer service.

The final piece we’ve struggled with is creating a community, or a place to share what we’ve learned. Enter Grown at Home, a collaborative effort where we invite anyone to share their experiences in growing at home, no matter what’s growing!

Since taking our first sale in late January 2018, we’ve not had a day of rest in pursuing these pledges. I can wholeheartedly say that this journey has been one of the most rewarding in my life. Between learning new skills, and leveraging existing strengths, to experimenting with plants, and enjoying what we’ve grown, there has been no greater example in my life of doing what I love.

To our past and future customers, and to our readers and contributors here: thank you, from the bottom of our hearts ❤

Please head on over to our Instagram — @trimbuddies and say hi!

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