My First Grow

Trim BuddiesMar 12, '20

Guest Blog Entry: Submitted by Kristi Pogoda

My growing story has been one for the books.

Lol, it started last year when I met my bf who lives about 70 miles away he had the tents lights and all the plants almost ready to harvest so we moved them all to my house in like four trips. So far I’ve learned that you don’t stop them from growing they are called weed for a reason! Haha, but they are so sensitive and can’t leave them for too long because sometimes there needy. Learning all the different ways to add beneficial bugs when I had bad ones or figuring out which food they liked best.

I’ve had two solid harvests so far and am enjoying learning as a first-time grower! But it’s work very hard work! Drying has been hard because once we cut them I honestly want to try right away! I never knew you truly need to cure your buds to make them the finest.. things have been and up and down battle for me but it’s Deff a stress reliever and a ton of fun!

Thanks, guys!
Kristi Pogoda

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