It was winter 2018, and I had the post-harvest feels. Bad. It's that feeling you get after you cut down the last outdoor plant, and there's nothing to stare at from your porch. Very sad, but the good news is that as I'm writing this, the plant in this story is beginning to flower. It's glorious, but you'll have to read on too Part 2 to see the whole journey!

So one cold, winter evening, inspiration finally hit me in the form of a bonsai weed. I couldn't believe I'd never thought of this before; it's just careful, strategic fimming... if you can make sense of that oxymoron!

Here's a preview of the root base I managed to produce:

Bonsai Blue Cheese Stem

I had a line on a nice Blue Cheese clone, and I love an Indica so this seemed like a sensible place to begin my journey. Some quick research revealed that Blue Cheese would likely respond well to the training and pruning.

Right then and there I decided that I would like to see how much I could get from one small, well manicured, outdoor bush. This would be my first micro grow, and here's where it began in a red cup, in early March 2019:

Blue Cheese Clone

If you like what you read here, please stay tuned for Part 2. Expect many more photos, and an exciting journey to flowering!