Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Weed is usually Green
& Silence is Golden

Ever get tired of hearing your fan? Ya, keeping your environment cool is important, but what about when you can hear it over a movie or a conversation? Sure, switching to LED lights can help reduce heat, but the reality is that you still need ventilation. 

Grow1 Duct Muffler

We chose the Grow1 4" Muffler for our test. This model boasts a decrease in volume up to -25db, but we didn't measure that in our tests. One important factor is that these mufflers are made for up to 12" fans and ducting, and we were testing a mere 1/3 of that diameter with our 4" ventilation. A muffler is an often overlooked part of a home grow. We don't see much buzz about how it's needed, so we decided to see if a muffler has a place in our recommended elements for an indoor home grow.

Our tests clocked in at a reduction of -5db

While this may not sound like a lot, it's quite perceivable in person. If you think about an adjustment of that size when tuning a car's audio system, that would be a significant change. For reference, a change of 10db would be perceived by the human ear as doubling in volume. Inside the room which houses our Secret Jardin DS120 4' x 4' grow tent the difference is definitely welcome.

As you take a look at the picture below, notice how much more clean of an install we achieved by moving the flex ducting outside of the tent. 


Before Grow1 Duct Muffler


Grow1 Duct Muffler Installed

We think it's an item worth having if you're growing at home. Pick your's up today, and let us know what you think in the comment below!