Grow Tent Kits: Keep It Simple!

Grow Tent Kits: Keep It Simple!

Jesse WilliamsJul 28, '19

How to choose your Grow Tent Kit

What size tent are you looking for?

Are you a beginner? Start small, 2'x 2' - 2' x 4' should do the trick and as you grow your skills these smaller grow tents make great drying and clone/mother tents.

How many plants do you want to grow?

Again... are you a beginner? Go back to the first question, start small, don't get into something that will be more than you bargained for.
2 - 6 Plants: 2' x 2' - 2' x 4' Grow Tents
4 - 8 Plants: 3' x 3' - 5' x 5' Grow Tents
8 - 15 Plants: 5' x 5' and bigger!

4'x 4' Grow Tent with LED Grow Light

Does it matter if I use seeds or clones?

Yes and no, for the very first part of the cannabis plants growth cycle they are very sensitive to too much light. T5 Fluorescent lights are best for seedlings and young clones and can be used for a full growth cycle by swapping out to bloom tubes when switching to the flowering stage, or 12/12 on/off light cycle.

What kind of light should I use?

That's a tough one, no really it is, but let's break it down so you can make the decision easier.

T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights
As mentioned above, T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights are one of the best and most used lights for seedlings and young clones. However, they are a very versatile light. We have chosen Fluorescent Light Fixtures for each tent that will optimize their light footprint (the area of light coverage on your plants).

CMH Grow Light Fixtures
These are the classic grow light we all grew up seeing in photos. Does that mean it's old and not ideal, oh hell no, these are still an amazing option for growing your cannabis. The things to remember when using CMH and HPS bulbs is that these fixtures use a lot of electricity and put off a lot of extra heat. Heat that will need to be dealt with, like with extra ventilation or air conditioning.

LED Grow Lights
LED lights are not exactly new to the growing industry but are still new to home growers. LED is in our opinion the way to go if you aren't using Fluorescent Bulbs. The cost savings on your home electricity bill along with the benefits of very little heat output make these LED lights very useful for home growers. 

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