Guest Blog Entry: Submitted by Green Man

The things we tried as a teen, and failed terribly at, is fun to look back on and then try again later in life. One of those experiences for me was growing pot. As a teen in the early 2000's, my pot was loaded with seeds. So with life between my fingertips, I decided to grow some weed. I took a big bowl, some heavily fertilized soil and tossed in a few pinches of random seeds! About a month later I had long stringy plants growing and no clue what to do. So without question, they all died. I even tried growing in the backseat of a Cadillac Brougham LMFAO... But years later I'm the guys that think let's try this again!

So my very first challenge now that didn't exist back then is finding seeds. Wow, how that has changed! So I happened across a few and without issue, I've popped the seeds and germinated them. A Few more days pass and I've got some green leaf emerging from the soil and stretching for the light. Awww, so cute! After a few good weeks of love, I decided to grow these two outside. Well, of course, that's not a story unless you add that my Rottweiler ate them BOTH!!!!!!!!!! There was nothing but a few inches of the stem remaining. And I just shook my head and said add it to the other dead plants. LOL

Then not even two weeks later I'm over in the area of the tragedy and I see the two beautiful girls fighting for life! A security system and fence were installed the very same night LMAO. No, but seriously, I just fought to keep my dogs from eating them all summer. Successfully doing so looks to harvest me about half a pound each. But it's on like Donkey Kong next year! 

Peace and bountiful harvest y'all,
Green Man