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My First Grow

Trim BuddiesMar 12, '20

Guest Blog Entry: Submitted by Kristi Pogoda My growing story has been one for the books. Lol, it started last year when I met my bf who lives about 70 miles away he had the tents lights and all the plants almost ready to harvest so we moved them all to...

First Time I Grew Pot (Successfully)

Trim BuddiesMar 3, '20

As a teen in the early 2000's, my pot was loaded with seeds. So with life between my fingertips, I decided to grow some weed. I took a big bowl, some heavily fertilized soil and tossed in a few pinches of random seeds! About a month later I had long stringy plants growing and no clue what to do.

Keep It Quiet!

Jesse WilliamsOct 1, '19

Ever get tired of hearing your fan? We chose the Grow1 4" Duct Muffler for our tests, which boast a decrease in volume up to -25db.

All About Neem

Andrew de SenaSep 5, '19

Neem Oil comes from an Indian tree, called Azadirachta Indica. In the garden or around the house, Neem Oil works great to keep bugs away.

Micro Growing: Pt.2- Growth and Training

Andrew de SenaAug 8, '191 comment

This is Part 2 of Micro Growing - a multi part series exploring experimental techniques in home grows. This post shows the growth and training of a Blue Cheese plant between March and August, 2019.